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Copper Bracelets Range - click here to viewCopper Bracelets Range - click here to view

Sabona Copper Bracelets are available as a plain finish or with a patterned finish. Each style is available in two widths, 7mm & 9mm.

Copper and Magnetic Bracelets- click here to view Copper and Magnetic Bracelets- click here to view

Sabona Copper & Magnetic Bracelets are available in 8mm width only, with a plain finish or with a patterned finish. These copper bracelets have the added benefit of two magnets either end of the bracelet on the underside. The magnets used in these bracelets are 1700 gauss.

Magnetic Bracelets - click here to viewMagnetic Bracelets - click here to view

Sabona Magnetic Bracelets contain no copper, these are solely magnetic bracelets. Sabona Executive Bracelets contain 1200 gauss magnets in each link of the bracelet. Sabona Professional Steel Twist Bracelets contain 2 x 500 gauss magnets on each end of the bracelet.

Support Garments - click here to viewSupport Garments - click here to view

This elasticised support has copper thread knitted into the fabric (Thermal Copper Insulation, TCI which heats quickly due to its conductive nature. The fabric then retains the heat around the damaged joint or limb creating warmth which aids quicker recovery. Further to this process, the elasticity creates compression, which increases blood flow to the area, which is also an important factor in promoting a speedy recovery.

Created with care from the finest stainless steel and 23 carat thick gold plating, the Sabona Watches contains 2 copper strips inside the watch strap enabling the Sabona copper to be absorbed into the skin.

Rubbing Oils - click here to viewRubbing Oils - click here to view

Sabona Muscle Reviving oil is a special blend of natural aromatic essential oils, chosen for their relaxation, anti-spasmodic and rejuvenation properties, to relax fatigued joints and re-energise tired or overworked muscles. This special blend stimulates the user while remaining calm and balanced. The oil can be used as a ‘warm up’ before physical activity, as well as a ‘rub down’ after. Its texture is consistent and is thoroughly absorbed into the skin, leaving no greasy residue.

Special Offers - click here to viewSpecial Offers - click here to view

Sabona runs promotional offers on its products from time to time, view the current availablilty

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